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''Unnatural Selection'' by Katrina Van Grouw


Press  Release  by  Hein Van  Grouw  August  2018


First week  of  August  2018 was the official launch of Unnatural Selection, Katrina’s newest book, took place in London at South Kensington Books (see pictures below)


Unnatural Selection is a stunningly illustrated book about selective breeding—the ongoing transformation of animals at the hand of man. More important, it’s a book about selective breeding on a far, far grander scale—a scale that encompasses all life on Earth. We’d call it evolution!

A unique fusion of art, science, and history, this book celebrates the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s monumental work The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, and is intended as a tribute to what Darwin might have achieved had he possessed that elusive missing piece to the evolutionary puzzle—the knowledge of how individual traits are passed from one generation to the next.


Featuring more than four hundred breath-taking illustrations of living animals, skeletons, and historical specimens, Unnatural Selection will be

enjoyed by anyone with an interest in natural history and the history of evolutionary thinking. Also lots of historical information about many breeds (pigeons, dogs, chickens, ducks, pigs, catle, canaries etc.) is included in the text.

Randal Keynes, British conservationist, author, and great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin talks  to    Katrina


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