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Origin Day  2010


Darwin's pigeons returned to Down House for the first time in over 100 years.

Live exhibits were on display in room behind  the greenhouses of  the  garden over   the  24th  27th  28th November  breeds present included  those mentioned in the first chapter of 'Origin' such as the Pouter, Barb and Carrier along with other breeds that Darwin worked with.

 visitors  talked to  John Ross, Dr Jo Cooper and  Hein Van Grouw  from the National History Museum Tring, home of the Darwin pigeon specimens and Brian Coulson, the President  of The National Peristeronic Society of which Darwin was once a member.

Randal Keynes a descendant of Charles Darwin was  In attendance and talked about Darwin and the pigeon fancy.


Victorian Peristeronic Club  show pens, salvaged from a warehouse in London and restored by Brian Coulson.

photo courtesy Katrina Van Grouw

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